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Frequently Asked Questions

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What formats will each age group play?
U7 will play 4v4 plus a keeper so 5 on the field

U8, U9 and U10 will play 7v7

U11 and U12 will play 9v9

U12 can play 11 v 11 if enough teams register for this option

U13, U14 and U15 will play 11v11
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Do I need a concussion training certificate in order to coach at the Haunted Classic this year?

Concussion Awareness Training

The State of Ohio has recently passed the "Return to Play" law that mandates that youth leagues, coaches and parents have an understanding of player safety and an awareness of injuries including those related to concussions. All coaches and any administrators carded with a team are required to complete mandatory concussion awareness training prior in order to continue to actively participate in coaching and training of youth players. For more information regarding the Return to Play please click the link below:


In addition Dayton Childrens Hospital will perform free baseline concussion testing if any players would like to have this completed

All carded coaches participating in the Haunted Classic MUST provide proof of concussion awareness training. If you have not completed the course, use the link below to complete the NFHS Concussion Training Course. Once you have completed the NFHS course, you will receive a certificate of completion. Please present a copy of this certificate for all carded coaches with your registration papers. Coaches without this certificate will not be allowed to participate in the Haunted Classic.

The application form does not look right on my screen (overlapping drop down boxes, long rows over the input fields, etc.) What is going on?
First, you should let the ENTIRE form load BEFORE you scroll. It is a big form.

In short, your computer does not have enough memory (RAM) available to render the form correctly. Here is the solution that will work in most cases:

1. Clear the cache (temporary files) in Internet Explorer (Usually Tools>Internet Options>Remove Temporary files
2. Shut down Internet Explorer
3. Restart the computer
4. Open JUST MS Internet Explorer.
5. Go to Web site, fill out form.

In most cases, this will solve the problem....
Will the tournament be using a one ref or three ref system at U8-U10?
We will be using a one ref system for U8-U10 age gorups and will be calling offsides. U11 through U15 will use a three man system and will call offsides as well.

U7 will not call offsides
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Is the Haunted a Stay to Play Tournament?
The Haunted Classic is a Stay to Play tournament. If your team will be using hotel rooms they must use the hotel management service supplied on the Haunted Classic website. Please support our local, approved, hotels in order to help keep the tournament costs reasonable. These hotels supply valuable support to the tournament in the way of referee rooms and registration space.
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How do I register for the Haunted Classic?
We only offer on line registration and the directions are as follows:

Team registrations can be submitted via EMAIL ONLY. We will NOT have on-site or mail-in registration.

Email registration will be available from Sunday, September 7 - Sunday, October 15, 2017.

All contacts listed on the team application will be emailed the list of email addresses.

Based upon age and gender, please pick the appropriate email address to submit your information.


In the subject line, please list team information in the following manner:

Boys 15 OCA Elite

In order to see the forms, you will need to login with your BHC number and make sure you have already clicked “confirm attendance” in order to see the “get duplicate forms” link that will take you to all of the forms.

The following items will need to be attached:

1. Team Information Form
2. Team roster – signed and stamped
3. Haunted Classic Liability release
4. Player and Coaches Card – please note that all players including guest players must be
carded within the same governing body (i.e. all players must be carded USYSA or Club
Soccer – you cannot mix. See #2 below for more details.
5. Concussion Training Certificate for each carded coach
6. Travel Permits (if outside OSYSA) –

IMPORTANT If your team is not in Ohio South (OSYSA) please make sure you have all of the necessary travel documents from your local governing soccer group. Out of state teams need to start this process early to make sure you have all of the necessary authorizations from your state USYSA governing body to allow you to travel to the Haunted Classic. This process can take several days or longer so please start this process

7. Guest Player Permit – approved by your state association (USYSA) or US Club.

1. Coaches/Team Managers should have on them at all times, a copy of the team roster,
liability/medical releases, player/coaches cards and coaches concussion certificates.

2. If you want a US Club player to play on a USYSA registered team you must card the
US Club player as a USYSA player to your USYSA roster or use a USYSA tournament
guest player card. If you want a USYSA registered player to play on a US Club team you must card the USYSA player under the US Club system.

To check registration status, you may login in to your team account and check registration status. Status is interpreted in the following manner:

Blank = your items have not been received/reviewed as of yet

YES= you are complete and good to go

INCOMPLETE = Your registration items have not been received or you are missing items and should have been contact via email regarding these incomplete items

If you need to make other arrangements to get your registration materials submitted please email hauntedclassicreg@gmail.com with
your request.
What do the registration status mean for email registrations

Incomplete – your items have not been received or you are missing items and should have or will be receiving an email detailing the items you are missing

OK – all is good! You don’t need to do anything else!
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We will be posting questions on this page as they are asked, so check here before calling. (We are always are happy to talk to you, but this may save you time and a good healthy game of phone tag.)


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